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Q Diagnostics

Psychodiagnostics represents an instant method for finding out key information about your staff. We offer you comprehensive diagnostic solutions when you need to select a suitable candidate for your company, recognize talent among your colleagues, or detect areas of (personal and professional) development for your managers and specialists, with all of them tailor-made according to your individual requirements. As part of our consultancy services, we can compile a package of standardized tests or even develop a special tool for you.

Assessment and Development Centres

We prepare our AC/DCs not only by taking into account the high quality and usefulness of the provided information, but also by emphasising the comfort of the participants. We offer an all-inclusive AC/DC package, starting from consultations or the development of a competency model, through the creation of communication templates for participants and implementation, to the drawing up of final reports and provision of feedback to the contractor and participants. As part of the implementation phase, we offer the option of using our premises in the centre of Prague, which are equipped with an audio and video system enabling you to record the course of the AC. In case of interest, we offer a comprehensive training programme for internal evaluators in this specific area. The training graduates are able to design and implement an event and articulate feedback for the client and participants.


We use more than 70 standardized and licensed tools, equipped with high-quality standards for a given population (Czech standards according to age and gender, standards for middle management/senior management/specialists, etc.). We respect the latest trends in the use of technology (e.g. Facereader – software for reading emotions from a face) and in the development of testing methodology (e.g. adaptive testing, or when a test picks subsequent questions on the basis of those that have already been answered, which allows finer differentiation and more detailed results).
Testing is carried out by experienced psychologists who will provide you with complete services – from the testing itself, to the interpretation of results and the proposal of any further steps to be taken. Confidentiality and the protection of data during their processing is a matter of course for us.


Are you interested? Do you want to advance your workplace relationships to a whole new level? Inform us and we will prepare a tailor-made offer.