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Q Elements

The original personality typology developed by our company is based on more than ten years of research work; it makes use of understandable metaphors of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) to describe human character traits – thus, it uses an empirical basis as well as intuitive forms. We can convey the typology by means of the 4Elements Personality Inventory® questionnaire, and also through our own unique training and Train the Trainers programmes. Thanks to the unique format of Q Elements, it is possible to embrace such topics as self-knowledge and personality typology, communication, leadership and motivation of people, setting corporate culture, trade and sales, and many others in a non-traditional and usable way.

4Elements Personality Inventory®®

The standardized personality questionnaire 4Elements Personality Inventory®®, based on a sample of 1,000 persons from the Czech population, was created as a tool to support personal and professional development. The questionnaire was designed so that its results would be beneficial and completely understandable even to a complete layman. To this end, it uses the intuitive and friendly typology of the four elements. The output report allows you to receive not only a valuable insight into your personality traits, but also suggestions for self-reflection and specific tips on the direction of the journey which should be taken in the area of self-development and personal growth. During its history, the questionnaire has been filled in by more than five thousand people, not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in the United States and Spain.

4Elements Trainings

We offer you a number of topical and often demanded topics (Self-Knowledge, 4E in Communication and Negotiation, 4E Leadership, 4E Sales...) in connection with the typology of the four elements, i.e. the areas in which you and your staff can develop yourselves in a non-traditional way. We supplement the content and form of a particular training programme with the 4Elements Personality Inventory®® and other interactive materials such as video examples and model situations. Individual training programmes can be approached as a follow-up academy, and their form and content can be adapted to meet your needs.

4Elements Train the Trainers Programmes (TtT)

We can train your internal trainers on any topics included in our portfolio in the form of the TtT. We will assist them step by step in delivering high quality training programmes – from preparing scenarios, through supervision and tandem training, to the final feedback. As part of the 4E certification, we offer a trainer’s licence valid for one year. After expiration of the licence validity it is necessary to undergo a recertification programme, during which participants will receive the latest information from the research of the 4Elements typology.

Internal Elements

As a tool for the development of personality traits and characteristics, we offer a series of trainings on internal elements that lead participants to enhance the qualities of the respective element in their own repertoire of behaviour and action. The inner fire training offers participants the experience of overcoming their own barriers and working outside of their comfort zone, while inner water, for example, leads participants to reflect on their own mindfulness of emotions and working with them. The content and form of the individual workshops on internal elements can be customized to meet the requirements, needs and culture of your company.


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