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QED GROUP is a team of highly qualified enthusiasts in the applied psychology and behavioural economics fields. We provide companies and individuals with innovative approaches and methods in personal, team and organisational development. For example, we developed the Sociomapping method and the 4Elements personality typology, which are unique, and not only in the Czech market. We interconnect the worlds of psychology, mathematics and business so that we can always bring you something extra, exploit the value of the solutions we offer to the maximum extent, and ensure your 100% satisfaction.


  • Partners
  • QED - Radvan Bahbouh
    Radvan Bahbouh Founder & Owner
  • QED - Klára Vyšatová
    Klára Vyšatová Partner
  • Consultants
  • QED - Lukáš Koucký
    Lukáš Koucký Senior Consultant
  • QED - Eva Höschlová
    Eva Höschlová Senior Consultant
  • QED - Lucie Kosinová
    Lucie Kosinová Senior Consultant
  • QED - Ivana Šípová
    Ivana Šípová Senior consultant
  • QED - Filip Hendrych
    Filip Hendrych Senior consultant
  • QED - Michaela Pulcová
    Michaela Pulcová Consultant
  • QED - Veronika Slezáková
    Veronika Slezáková Consultant
  • QED - Anita Vydrová
    Anita Vydrová Consultant
  • QED - Linda Krumpholcová
    Linda Krumpholcová Consultant
  • QED - Dorota Lofajová
    Dorota Lofajová Consultant
  • Associate Consultants
  • QED - Kateřina Bernardová
    Kateřina Bernardová Chief Research Officer
  • QED - Ondřej Charvát
    Ondřej Charvát Associate Consultant
  • QED - František Birnbaum
    František Birnbaum Associate Consultant
  • QED - Rudolf Kubík
    Rudolf Kubík Associate Consultant
  • QED - Helena Kubovská
    Helena Kubovská Associate Consultant
  • QED - Jitka Dobešová
    Jitka Dobešová Associate Consultant
  • QED - Eva Jarošová
    Eva Jarošová Associate Consultant
  • QED - Pavlína Honsová
    Pavlína Honsová Associate Consultant
  • Research & Development
  • QED - Martin Máčel
    Martin Máčel Analyst
  • Office
  • QED - Miroslava Sazečková
    Miroslava Sazečková Project & Event Manager
  • QED - Anna Zubková
    Anna Zubková Research & Consultant Support
  • QED - Lukáš Diart
    Lukáš Diart Accountant
  • QED - Pavlína Jirušková
    Pavlína Jirušková Specialist
  • QED - Marie Palánová
    Marie Palánová Front Office Assistant
  • QED - Eliška Hroníková
    Eliška Hroníková PA to Radvan Bahbouh
  • QED - Chrystyna Pylypjuk
    Chrystyna Pylypjuk Back office assistant


QED is an acronym formed from the Latin phrase QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM („which was to be proven“), which was traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof. The acronym notified readers of a proof that they had achieved what they wanted – that they had successfully completed an unfinished shape. From a psychological point of view, the QED abbreviation marks the moment of confirmation that we have achieved our goal. Thanks to this confirmation, the efforts we invested in our previous steps can pay dividends and be put to good use. This originally mathematical meaning also represents the philosophy of QED Group. Our main objective is that our services have demonstrable benefits for our clients that will take them further on their journey toward desired goals.


We know the importance of companies' responsibility towards their employees and towards the society in which they operate. We look after the overall comfort of our employees, but we endeavour to ensure anyone we welcome through our doors feels good here. As such, if you're coming to us on a visit, for coaching or a working meeting, we'll be happy to offer you great fair-trade coffee. Our corporate social responsibility concept also involves protecting the environment. We sort waste, we use environmentally-friendly products, we carefully consider our use of electricity and paper and we prefer products from local producers.

Dlouhodobě podporujeme neziskové organizace prostřednictvím služeb v oblasti koučování, vzdělávání a strategického rozhodování, ale i formou firemního dárcovství. Aktuálně nás těší podpora nadačního fondu Dobrý Anděl , do něhož je zapojená celá firma či podpora překladu knihy Cesty k zotavení, která napomáhá lidem ve složité životní situaci zlepšit kvalitu svého života a stanovit si konkrétní cíle a uskutečňovat své sny.