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Great Boss Programme - Exceptional Banking.
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Since 2012, we have been helping Česká spořitelna to create better bank branches in the Czech Republic. We've supported the personal development of hundreds of bank branch leaders and helped them build stable teams, increase retention of their talented bankers, and increase the generated revenues.

Our solutions

In 2018, we launched an exceptional project - diagnostics and development of the managerial population of the entire Česká spořitelna branch network. The development programme Great Boss aimed to support the leadership of branch managers, their deputies, and regional managers. The main topics were empowerment and also how to fit the space for personal development into a very busy management programme. The managers left the initial workshops not only re-energized and eager to work on themselves, but also with detailed instructions on how to do it.


Our goal was to promote leadership in the branch network and also to leave a positive mark behind, e.g. in the form of satisfied managers. But when we looked at the branch performance data before and at the end of the programme, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only have the leadership skills of managers in key areas improved, but there was also an improvement in generated sales and the reduction of voluntary staff turnover in branches. When analyzing the data in more detail, we found that about 30% of this improvement could be explained through better leadership and more effective communication between managers and their employees.