4Elements personality typology

The 4Elements personality test is based on our more than ten years of research work in the field of personality typology - it is our proprietary method. The research work included not only the "rediscovery" of the typology of the four elements but above all its transformation into a full-fledged diagnostic test. From the resulting test report, participants will get a high-quality insight into their dominant personality traits, as well as tips on which direction to take in the area of personal growth.

Personality self-recognition based on the elements test (4Elements Inventory) The online completion of the 4Elements personality test is usually followed by a 4Elements workshop. The concept of the 4Elements workshop is based on the original typology of the four elements, which provides an interesting and useful metaphor for human character traits. Working with this typology will provide participants with an intuitive tool for understanding personality characteristics, teach them to understand typical behaviour patterns in themselves and others, and give them valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses. The original format of the 4Elements workshop allows to grasp in an unconventional way "traditional" topics such as communication, personality typology, cooperation or people management. During the training, we place special emphasis not only on deepening self-insight and getting feedback, but also on the practical applicability of the knowledge that participants take away.