Assessment/Development centres

Assessement centre

An important part of the selection process for hiring key employees is the evaluation of candidates in terms of competencies, which usually includes the use of high-quality and proven psychodiagnostic methods. With their help, you can map the expected skills of candidates. This is complemented by an effective behavioural interviewing method that focuses on specific areas of key competencies, and an interactive section dedicated to model situations that test candidates' skills in action. The output of the AC is an evaluation of the candidates - their strengths and areas for development - and the creation of a clear report on the individuals’ aptitudes and their comparison with each other.

Development centre

The Development Center represents an effective tool for the objective assessment of areas that a person should develop as part of their career growth. DCs make it possible to identify strengths and personality aptitudes, as well as weaknesses and internal conflicts that deprive us of a significant part of our work efficiency. DC represents an important step to increase our performance and satisfaction in the workplace. We are happy to prepare a tailor-made DC for you based on your specific requirements, including proposals or possible modifications of competency models for individual job positions. The skills and competences of the participants are assessed by trained observers.