Teambuilding can be defined as time spent with colleagues or a team which is primarily used to build, develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships in the team. Any informal meeting, for example having a dinner together, can thus become a teambuilding, and even such moments are very valuable for the team. As a team of psychologists, we create such teambuilding that aim not only at having fun together, but also at experiencing something together that will be developmental for us as individuals and as a group. We tailor joint activities to suit the current situation and needs of the team. Our goal is for the teambuilding to be an unforgettable experience that everyone will not only enjoy but also will be inspired from long after it's over. We place emphasis on getting to know the team, its functioning, but also on understanding the roles that people have in the team. The team as a whole, as well as everyone individually, can take away a lot of knowledge and experience from the joint activities, which they will continue to apply in their daily work. There are no limits to the scope of teambuilding, we can prepare for you a programme ranging from hours to even whole days. We can combine activities from workshop inputs.


In life, we encounter situations in which we feel like we are on hot coals. Sometimes we face challenges that we fear, sometimes it's just hard to take a breath and go for it. Sometimes we have to tenaciously overcome obstacles, other times we have to be sensitive and attentive to external risks. Firewalking is a powerful metaphor for challenging life events and thus provides a valuable and often corrective experience of what an individual or team can do when they focus, stay mindful, and make clear decisions. We will be happy to send you more information about the Firewalking course.