Psychodiagnostic tools

Psychodiagnostics is an instant way to find out key information about yourself or your people. We offer you a comprehensive diagnostic solution for selecting the right candidate for your company, for identifying talent among your colleagues or for finding areas of development for your managers and specialists (both professional and personal), tailored to your individual requirements.

As part of the consultation, we can set up a battery of standardized tests or create a custom tool for you. The quality of psychodiagnostic instruments in terms of psychometric data is important to us. Psychometric data provides information about the quality of the test - how reliable the results are, how well they reflect reality, what population they were conducted on and to which the results can be related. We vouch for the quality of our psychodiagnostics. We will be happy to provide you with quality indicators for individual instruments if you wish.

The most commonly used psychodiagnostic tools include the 4Elements personality test, which provides the individual with a good insight into their dominant personality traits as well as tips on which direction to take in terms of personal growth. Also frequently used is the Leadership Judgment Indicator situational leadership test, which provides an assessment of leadership style and the ability to use it appropriately in various managerial situations. And also the WAVE® Professional Styles questionnaire, which provides a highly valid forecast of an individual's motivation, talent and full potential, as well as their preferred company culture. But we have dozens of other tools and tests at our disposal, which we select according to our needs.