Our products

In more than a quarter of a century of our existence, we have achieved excellence in a number of products. Some we developed ourselves, others we adapted to the Czech environment. Our tools and trainings are evidence-based, based on the latest findings of business psychology, and our experts are constantly checking and improving their quality.

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Workshops and seminars

Live and online, half-day and full-day formats, inspiring lectures, off-sites and team-buildings on practically any soft-skills topic.

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We perceive coaching as an important area of personal and professional development aimed not only at fulfilling the client's performance potential but also at increasing personal satisfaction.

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A unique approach for the development of cooperation in teams and organisations. Being able to see the map makes it easier to direct where we want to go.

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Trainings and courses

Increase your professional qualifications with our trainings in coaching and mindfulness or with certifications of various diagnostic tools.

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Assessment/Development centres

A comprehensive method for selecting key employees, evaluating candidates in terms of competencies, using high quality and proven psychodiagnostic methods.

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It is scientifically proven that mindfulness training is the most effective way to manage stress and increase your well-being. At QED, we work with a standardised methodology from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

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4Elements personality typology

A unique development tool for a better understanding of diversity in teams and organisations, includes a personality questionnaire and training.

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360-degree feedback

We provide both the classic 360 and various types of multi-feedback. We can help with competency model and nominations, prepare reports.

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Psychodiagnostic tools

We work with dozens of performance and personality tests, and we develop a number of tools ourselves. We have top experts for diagnostics.

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Crisis intervention

Take care of the mental health of yourself and your employees with professionally led crisis interventions. Did you know that even the mere possibility of psychological support has been scientifically proven to increase feelings of confidence, satisfaction and act as a long-term stress reducer?

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Are you interested in communication and connectivity across your organization? Social network analysis (SNA) is able to reveal and clearly graph the communication structure in an organization.

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Are you looking for teambuilding that will not only entertain but also develop your team? We tailor our teambuilding to suit your current situation and needs.

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