Workshops and seminars

For more than 25 years, our workshops and seminars have held a unique position on the market thanks to an evidence-based approach to education. We base our work on verifiable psychological experiments and research in which we ourselves have been involved. We supplement the information provided with interactive materials such as video demonstrations, psychodiagnostic tests, model situations or case studies. We are ready to deliver a wide range of tailor-made trainings for you in online and offline format and of different lengths. We will also be happy to prepare Train the Trainers programmes for you.



For managers in middle or high management positions who want to focus on developing themselves as leaders, we are happy to prepare a workshop focused on developing leadership potential. We will discuss important leadership competencies and ways to strengthen them with a special focus on vision and its importance.


Excellent communication

For all those who want to improve the effectiveness of their own communication, to understand hidden communication processes and to understand potential sources of misunderstanding and conflict, we are happy to prepare a workshop to support (not only) the improvement of the ability to express oneself effectively and to easily negotiate.


Team management

We've been working with teams for over 25 years and we dare say you would hardly find anyone in the market who understands them better than we do. We help team leaders and managers of permanent, project and agile teams to improve mutual cooperation and thus results and satisfaction. Participants will acquire the ability to effectively solve team problems, learn techniques for increasing team effectiveness and the engagement of individual members.


Situational leadership of people

For managerial positions, we offer support in the form of training focused on situational leadership of people. The art of leadership lies to a large extent in the appropriate choice of leadership style with regard to the people being led and the specific work situation. The training includes an online Leadership Judgement Indicator test, which allows you to assess your preferred leadership styles and your ability to use them appropriately in different managerial situations.


Providing feedback

According to Harvard Business Review, 72% of people feel their performance would improve if their managers gave them the right feedback. It is just that the ability to give feedback is a skill that many of us do not master. Join us to learn simple but important techniques for communicating even the unpleasant things to people in a way that does not take away their motivation, but instead makes them want to do things differently. This is what we are really good at!



The ability to successfully negotiate is essential not only in business but in any day-to-day interactions at work or in the family. We will teach you the best tricks to negotiate constructively win-win, because good negotiation is about maintaining good relationships. And do not expect any boring lectures, negotiation is best learned in action. The participants of our trainings negotiated with strangers, for example, to ride in the driver's seat in the Prague metro (a childhood dream of one of the course participants). What will you add?


Emotional intelligence

The increasing complexity of today's working world has made EQ more important than ever. It is estimated that nearly 60% of employees' job performance is influenced by their emotional intelligence. However, it is not so well known that this ability can be highly trained. Our training builds on the most advanced techniques and tools in current psychology to take the ability to work with our own emotions and with emotions of others to a whole new level.


Stress management

Stress is the most common reason people leave companies (40%) and the most significant cause of workplace failures and accidents (60-80%). Stress is hard to remove from our lives, but we can learn to work with it. More important than the presence of stress itself is the way we perceive and process it. Our training incorporates the best of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy training from our partners at the University of Oxford. Learn proven techniques from the best.


Motivating subordinates

For managers and team leaders who want to make the most of their subordinates' motivational resources while maintaining or improving their performance. We will introduce you to the latest trends in self-motivation and energy work. We will implement training based on your needs on topics such as motivating subordinates, coaching for managers or the conduct of development and evaluation interviews.


Self-awareness trainings

For anyone who has the desire to work on themselves, develop certain competencies and wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery with us, we are happy to recommend training that will fit the needs of the individual or their team.