Individual development



In areas close to psychology and soft skills, we can offer recommended solutions to certain situations. This includes consulting on certain HR issues and management decisions. Our mentoring consists in supporting others in increasing their knowledge, work efficiency but also their satisfaction, and we put emphasis on mutual trust.


Management academy

For those of you looking for support in leading your people, we run development programmes where we will guide you to greater confidence in management and leadership skills.


Work and personal well-being

In addition to extreme cases of crisis intervention or psychotherapy, we provide support for reducing stress and achieving greater well-being. The gold standard is mindfulness based cognitive therapy. However, we individualise the individual procedures.

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Support the health and mental well-being of your employees. Mindfulness programmes are proven to support and improve mental health. They help develop mindfulness, offering participants a new way of handling challenging situations. It teaches them a different way of relating to themselves and other people. It brings more awareness, care and effective stress management.



Coaching is an effective method of personal and professional development, the goal of which is to enable the fulfilment of the client's potential, increase personal satisfaction and acquire skills to increase performance. In this process, the coach plays the role of a facilitator and assistant in realizing and activating this potential. The specific focus of coaching is adapted to the client's needs and goals. The relationship between the coach and the coachee is based on partnership and joint efforts to achieve the set goals. Thus, coaching assumes that the client is willing to take responsibility for achieving their goals.

All our coaches are well educated and participate in regular supervision and further development. You have the opportunity to choose a coach based on their profile with whom you will have a free zero session of about 30 minutes, and only then you decide whether you wish to continue with coaching.