Social Network Analysis is a way to objectively measure and clearly display communication structures (networks) in an organization. The method is intended for large organisations containing several teams working independently.

Large organisations often have the problem that internal teams and divisions do not communicate and cooperate with each other. The organisational structure does not necessarily correspond to what work and communication groups will be formed in the company. The analysis will reveal how information is transmitted, where critical communication nodes are located, measure your overall connection, the degree of cohesion and the compactness of your organisation.

At the same time, the method identifies key employees who shape the opinion and mood in the company, who are the main carriers of information and connect the company across divisions.

Examples of using SNA

  • Identifying hidden influencers
  • Identifying hidden experts
  • Improving the transmission of information
  • Increasing psychological capital, safety and well-being
  • Analysis of management effectiveness
  • Measuring collaboration
  • Measuring inclusiveness
  • Visualization of the organisation