Team development


Building of teams and teamwork

Team building in a pub or during outdoor activities? Why not, but if you really want to develop something in your team, you need to add more targeted development. We use diagnostics of the team's current state (with its strengths and weaknesses), team facilitation and Sociomapping together with other techniques that have proven to increase the effectiveness of team cooperation. This is done online, hybrid and live. With us, experience team building that will really move your team forward.


High performing teams

Did you know that just 15 minutes of focused team activity can increase team performance by up to 20%? There are scientifically proven methods and techniques that increase the effectiveness of collaboration. Among them we can include the debriefing method or feedback facilitation and the implementation of some communication rules and procedures. Teams can thus reach peak performance levels. We always design the ideal form of the programme tailored to the set goal.


Leadership development

High-quality managers are real leaders who bring out the best in their people. And the demands on today's leadership are incomparably higher than ever before: the ability to lead hybrid or online teams, remote motivation of people, effective feedback, remote collaboration, etc. are required. For senior management teams, we are happy to prepare short-term and long-term leadership development programmes. These combine elements of soft skills training with team building and team coaching.


Conflict and problem solving

In the event that everything is not as it should be within the relations in the company, we help to set up a new agreement enabling conflict situations to be resolved and the risk of misunderstandings to be reduced through mediation. At the same time, we will help facilitate the solution of some complex problems that the team needs to overcome innovatively. Our mediators are experienced professionals capable of handling even strong emotions effectively.