360-degree feedback

Q360 is a tool for giving feedback on core competencies through independent assessments from supervisors, peers, subordinates and clients - feedback from all possible perspectives. Use 360-degree feedback to map the development needs of your employees, to evaluate the effectiveness of training or as a supplement to your company's appraisal system. Our 360 is characterized by great flexibility and also by beautiful and clear reports.

In addition to this service, we will also be happy to offer you the creation of a tailor-made competency model or the modification of an existing model. We also have standardized competency models for the role of manager or specialist. We will also be happy to help with the nomination of evaluators.

A unique solution only with us: In addition to the classic 360, we can implement and deliver other forms of multi-feedback, especially for managers and their teams. The report contains not only the evaluation of the manager in the selected competencies but also the evaluation of communication and cooperation within the managed team. In this way, the manager finds out not only what they can develop in themselves but also what he can improve in the cooperation within their team. This type of multi-feedback is becoming more and more popular and is used both independently and as part of leadership programmes.