Čermák and Hrachovec a.s.

Company-wide development programme.
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Čermák a Hrachovec a.s. is a construction company with 300 employees. The company owners turned to us when they were preparing a restructuring of the company. They needed to map the qualities of their people to see who had the potential for a leadership role. The goal was to capture talent and develop it, thus ensuring quality succession planning. Fifteen people from all levels of the organization were selected for the programme.

Our solution

As a first step, we mapped the development needs of the participants using the individual development center. Based on the results, we designed the development programme. This was built on two basic pillars, workshops for all and supervision - Balint groups for the group of construction managers.

The workshops covered the topics of motivation, communication of vision and strategy, 4Elements, communication skills, and situational leadership. In the Balint groups, participants shared with each other experiences and inspiration to work with their subordinates.

The ideal approach is to start with individual DCs which will allow to tailor a project to its participants.


Managers, construction preparers and managers who were previously only meeting door-to-door and had little space for informal sharing got the opportunity to network and share their experiences. Mutual respect and understanding for the situations that people in different roles deal with were strengthened by mixing groups from all levels of the hierarchy.


Very well run workshops on each topic, which developed the individual as well as group skills of all participants. The training helped me personally to get to know my colleagues and realize their potential. In these difficult times, it is beneficial for me to be able to rely on those around me and to further develop our company together.

Milan Pavlič