ČEZ, a.s. - Mindfulness program

Mindfulness programme - Superior care for people with high preventive effects in the area of mental health.
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What to choose when you want to go the extra mile for your people? ČEZ, a.s. has taken an interest in the topic of mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness has been booming in recent years, and rightly so. Research shows that it is a tool that has high preventive effects in the field of mental health. It can serve as prevention of burnout syndrome, contribute to reducing turnover, and generally increase the quality of functioning in a company. ČEZ, a.s. wanted to test mindfulness at work and see if it would be interesting and useful for their people.

Our solution

We have implemented an eight-week online mindfulness course based on a concept provided by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Two-hour sessions were held each week. The content of the course is the series of practical activities focused primarily on work with mindfulness, such as guided meditations, relaxation, and other activities. The project ran from April to December 2021, and the total of 36 people in 3 separate groups completed the course.


The feedback from the participants was very positive. Based on the feedback, we found that the programme has brought more things to them. Which ones were they? Creating a habit of how to take care of themselves. Participants know how to create space to stop, reflect, calm down, and immerse into themselves. Inspiration. People would experience over 20 different kinds of meditation, giving them plenty of options to choose from. Everyone can find the type of activity that suits him or her best. Getting to know their colleagues. The course is attended by staff from different parts of the country. Thanks to the fact that the part of the course is also about sharing experiences, people had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Increased efficiency. The participants had more time for themselves thanks to the course. They learned to regularly create this time for themselves during the week and then trained their attention in this time. The mindfulness training and time to become aware of important contexts led to better strategic decisions, better quality moments and events, and increased effectiveness in personal and professional lives.