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Team Spirit - Promoting team spirit through firewalking. 
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Due to the pandemic, a lot of work has moved online. Hybrid functioning is the new normal. Although this situation brings many good things to the functioning of companies, all studies agree on the negative impact on teamwork and the interconnectivity of people.  One STRV s.r.o. board member decided to change the lack of interaction in his team. He wanted to bolster team spirit after a challenging period of mostly remote functioning, to meet together, and experience something extraordinary. And with that he approached us. 

Our solution

For STRV, we have prepared a full-day programme aimed at promoting teamwork. In the first phase, a workshop was held where the team evaluated their functioning in the last year - what went well and where they perceived the need for change. From the workshop, everyone took away pledges that, if fulfilled, will make the team function a little better.  This was followed by an experiential Empowerment Training programme. Participants practiced their mindfulness by walking on shards of glass, their resolve by breaking wooden plates with their own hands, overcoming obstacles by breaking arrows with their necks, and their trust in others by bending a steel bar with their necks in pairs. The evening culminated with firewalking, a powerful metaphor for life's challenging events, providing a valuable and often corrective experience of what an individual or team can do when they focus, remain mindful, and make clear decisions. 


The discussion part helped to name the areas on which the team wants to work in the next period. The Empowerment Training strengthened the motivation and desire to take the first step and gave the courage to overcome internal barriers. The STRV team is now united by a strong personal and group experience, which has renewed the team spirit and the feeling that everyone is pulling together.  The biggest benefit of the day was the realization for the participants that they are part of the team that loves being together, is moving in the same direction, and can do things that seem unrealistic at first.