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Q 360

Q360 is a tool for anonymous evaluation of a person’s performance at work through independent evaluations of superiors, peers, subordinates and clients – feedback from all possible angles. You can use 360-degree feedback to map the development needs of your employees, to evaluate the effectiveness of training, or as a supplement to the evaluation system at your company.

We have made everything ready for you and we also take care of it.

We have ready-made templates for communication available to you, and we are ready to make any changes in them. We will ensure any communication exchanges as regards evaluation (the nomination of evaluators) and with the evaluators; if there are any questions or issues to be resolved, we refer to ourselves and therefore do not put any unnecessary administrative burden on your HR Department. All we need from you is a list of the evaluated; the rest can be left up to us.

The parallel data collection system allows for the evaluation of more than one person at the same time.

The evaluation takes place through an innovative online system that saves time for your employees. The evaluation takes place in parallel, which means that if I am an evaluator for more people, I can see them all in one questionnaire at the same time, which enables me to compare the evaluated during the evaluation.

It is not a problem to evaluate multiple manifestations of behaviour within each competecy.

Each competency is expressed through several behavioural manifestations. We offer you the opportunity to evaluate the competency in the form of a package of all its parallel manifestations or in the form of its separate manifestations. Even in the case of the so-called matrix evaluation, when every behavioural manifestation is evaluated separately, the whole competency is displayed on one page, and hence the evaluator does not need to browse through dozens of pages.

Intelligible reports for the evaluated are not the end of our service.

The resulting reports we provide are understandable and easy to interpret, and may also contain specific comments of the evaluators which your employees may draw inspiration from. However, our service does not end with Q360, because we provide a comprehensive solution in the form of ancillary services, such as consultations and coaching or comprehensive development programmes based on the results of Q360.


Are you interested? Do you want to advance your workplace relationships to a whole new level? Inform us and we will prepare a tailor-made offer.