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Q Coaching

Under the leadership of Radvan Bahbouh, we provide services in psychological coaching, which places special emphasis on working with motivation and connecting to the emotions of coachees. We perceive coaching as an important area of ​​personal and professional development, which aims not only to meet clients’ performance potential, but also to increase their personal satisfaction. We are not indifferent to the direction in which the coaching profession has recently been moving. Therefore, our aim is to cultivate and professionalise this area through research, publication and educational activities.


  • QED - Radvan Bahbouh
    Radvan Bahbouh 10,000+ approved hours
  • QED - Kateřina Bernardová
    Kateřina Bernardová 200+ approved hours
  • QED - František Birnbaum
    František Birnbaum 200+ approved hours
  • QED - Jitka Dobešová
    Jitka Dobešová 400+ approved hours
  • QED - Filip Hendrych
    Filip Hendrych 200+ approved hours
  • QED - Pavlína Honsová
    Pavlína Honsová 200+ approved hours
  • QED - Eva Höschlová
    Eva Höschlová 200+ approved hours
  • QED - Ondřej Charvát
    Ondřej Charvát 1500+ approved hours
  • QED - Eva Jarošová
    Eva Jarošová 400+ approved hours
  • QED - Lukáš Koucký
    Lukáš Koucký 500+ approved hours
  • QED - Helena Kubovská
    Helena Kubovská 500+ approved hours
  • QED - Miroslava Sazečková
    Miroslava Sazečková 100+ approved hours
  • QED - Ivana Šípová
    Ivana Šípová 100+ approved hours
  • QED - Anita Vydrová
    Anita Vydrová 100+ approved hours
  • QED - Klára Vyšatová
    Klára Vyšatová 300+ approved hours

Individual Coaching

All our coaches are certified under an accredited coaching programme.

Certified Coach Training

The guarantor and chief lecturer in trainings, Radvan Bahbouh, has been actively engaged in the field of coaching for 20 years; he has over 10,000 approved hours of coaching experience, and in his profession he represents the school of psychological coaching. He is accredited by the Czech Association of Coaches as a level-three coach – supervisor. The training programme in coaching, certified by ČAKO and ICF, consists of 80 hours of on-site training sessions. It combines theoretical sections, practical exercises, group supervision through Balint groups, and peer-coaching. The training will prepare you as required for successful completion of the first-level coach accreditation. More information


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