ČEZ, a.s. - Work crisis intervention

Work crisis intervention - Psychological help available for employees in difficult situations.
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With the arrival of the pandemic, we too have been thinking about how we can be useful with our skills. And so the crisis intervention service has been created, which has proven to be useful not only in times of the lockdown. Now in its second year, it serves as a support in difficult situations that people encounter in the work environment. Research shows that the mere possibility of using psychological support increases feelings of confidence and satisfaction. ČEZ, a.s. has decided to give this to its people and let them know that their health and well-being are important.

Our solution

We have set up a special email address where those interested in an intervention can write a short message and provide their phone number. This email is checked regularly to ensure that they are connected with a consultant as quickly as possible. The work consultation and crisis intervention is provided for 15-90 minutes depending on the needs of the interested person. If interested, the call is followed up at the agreed time. However, the primary focus of the service is to help in the most difficult moment, and further consultations are then the subject of another form of cooperation (for example coaching).


Dozens of employees used the crisis intervention in 2021. The biggest benefit of the whole project was the increased confidence and background of the employees, who knew that if they had a need, they had someone to turn to. This reassurance acts as a long-term stress reduction.
In particular, employees have contacted us with issues such as stress from long-term isolation, anxiety, burnout, tantrums, health problems, sleep deprivation, challenging relationship situations, raising children, the online world, dealing with current situations with subordinates, loss of a loved one, and challenging family situations. Due to positive employee feedback and satisfaction with the service, ČEZ, a.s. has decided to extend the partnership and offer the service to its people in 2022.


During the pandemic, we felt the need for increased support for our employees. Thought the psychological helpline, we offer the opportunity to consult difficult situations with a specialist in an environment of trust and anonymity. We recognize that this support increases employee satisfaction and personal well-being resulting in higher motivation and performance. At the same time, we are confident that crisis intervention is mediated by experienced professionals and that our colleagues are therefore in good hands. The cooperation has worked well for us, and we want to continue it.

Jitka Hanáčková