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  • Culture

    Are you looking for ways to shape or even significantly change your company culture? Ways to involve individuals and whole teams in your shared vision and enthuse them not just about your joint objective, but also the shared path? Ways to shift the communication and mindset within your whole organisation? Ways to limit unwanted expressions of behaviour, and create an open culture of sharing and proactive co-operation?

  • Talent

    Are you able to identify your peoples’ talents and allow them to transform them into results? Can you take advantage of the enthusiasm and strength of talents available to you in projects which are key to sustaining or improving results and developing your company? Is your company attractive to talents on the market, and do you offer them appropriate opportunities for development and growth?

  • Leadership

    Have your leaders got the necessary tools and charisma to lead their teams? Can they minimise differences in potential and performance and keep their subordinates highly motivated? As well as assigning tasks, can they also assign their ‘ownership’? Can they train their successors and pass on their knowledge and experience?

  • Management

    Does your organisation’s top management need support in formulating the future direction of the company, and stimulation in achieving it? Have you got teams in your organisation which are exposed to key projects? Do you need to provide such teams with clarification in how their work should progress, and boost their internal motivation to achieve difficult objectives?



We have divided the range of our services and products into six clearly-arranged product lines. There is a group of guarantors responsible for each product line. Their task is to bring forward innovative and valuable concepts which represent an added value for your company.

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  • jan becher logo LEADERSHIP JAN BECHER
  • vodafone logo Retail transformation VODAFONE
  • kb logo Employee integration KOMERČNÍ BANKA
  • cs logo manager transformation Česká spořitelna
  • Project description

    Banking environments are specific because very sensitive and confidential information is processed there, and it is therefore often necessary to conduct trainings internally. Over the long term, internal training is also considerably more cost-efficient than outsourced training. For these reasons, we developed the Train the Trainers programme, aimed at the training of internal trainers who will provide soft skills training, in cooperation with J&T. To ensure a high quality of lecturers and to be able to advise them on how to improve their training skills, we established the Development Centre for them. The Development Centre enabled us to get to know the lecturers and identify their potential. A number of training sessions (e.g. on self-knowledge and the 4Elements typology, negotiating, stress management, time management, etc.) followed under the Train the Trainers programme. Some of them were designed as common modules for all participants while others were selected by individual lecturers according to their preferences. For each topic, a supervisor was selected, whom we continue to support. Our team of trainers has created a team of internal trainers at J&T, who now pass on any necessary know-how to other employees with regard to their specific needs. Through this program, we also helped J&T to significantly save on staff training and development.

  • Project description

    It is often the case at multinational companies that their local branches must comply with directives issued by their global management. This situation arose at the Jan Becher (Pernod Ricard) company, and we had an opportunity to help with the implementation of their new competency model. Our assignment was to change the competency model for managing people with the aim of unifying it across all countries, in order to improve the mobility of managers and enable the rotation of posts and sharing of know-how across individual regions. Our task was to assist in the implementation of this model with respect to Czech conditions, and make the change as easy as possible for managers to allow them to internalize it. Another point was to teach managers how to work with this model properly so that they could use it as part of a quarterly evaluation. To achieve this goal, we organised a two-day programme for managers, under which their first task was to develop their own competency model, which they subsequently compared with the new one. In most cases, their competency models were identical with the model developed by Pernod Ricard. To enhance their experience and contact with the model, managers were asked to conclude their training by preparing their own development centre, which they subsequently introduced to one another and evaluated together. The competency model was calibrated through the development centre itself and the final sharing of evaluations (the conference of evaluators). Participants practised situations in which they evaluated real people and colleagues, at the same time identifying certain risks and creating shared rules about how to deal with the model. They have been using this model up until now without any problems.

  • Project description

    The CEO of the Vodafone Group, Vittorio Colao, announced in the fall of 2012 a global retail network transformation programme aimed at enhancing the customer experience and increasing the level of sales. This objective was to be achieved through, among other things, workshops for retailers and store managers that would help them to reflect on their attitude to customers and the brand, and to seek ways to maintain their own energy and client orientation at a high level while creating a pleasant atmosphere in their shops. The consultant Jan Ženatý was already involved in the project during the workshop preparation phase, when he underwent the Train the Trainers programme for the CEE region in cooperation with consultants from the UK, so that he could then implement the workshop in the Czech Republic with the help of a team of 10 regional mentors. After it has been adapted to the local environment, the workshop lasts three days and is titled the School of Inspiration. Its participants try out a number of experiential techniques inspired by positive psychology, coaching, stress management, neuro-linguistic programming, and Shaolin kung fu. The impact of the workshops (measured by comparing the sales results before and after the workshop) is an increase in NPS and revenue.

  • Project description

    The majority of large companies annually recruit recent graduates to reinforce their staff. Komerční banka a.s. offers new talent an opportunity to develop their skills by means of a short integration programme. The Connecting Programme helps its participants to better understand one another and plan their career development on the basis of acquired knowledge. At the same time, the objective is also to select the best talent, who will subsequently undergo another, long-term development programme. Connecting is a three-day programme, tailor-made according to the requirements of KB – in the first step, participants will learn about the 4Elements typology 4Elements personality typology,and have an opportunity to complete a performance test and a test of creative thinking. The remaining part of the programme is conceived as a development centre in which four participating teams become teams of filmmakers. Their task is to shoot one episode of a series about the banking environment. The programme’s output is four pilot episodes which are then evaluated, with the best ones being rewarded symbolic prizes in several categories. Each participant will also receive a development report, with an overview of their strengths and recommendations for further development.

  • Project description

    It is necessary to take care of talented employees in the company and give them the opportunity for professional and personal development and education. To this end, Hewlett Packard conceived a talent development programme for middle management (currently available for both junior and senior talent). We provided support in following through with the idea successfully and implementing the development program for managers. It was necessary to set criteria for the selection of talent (managerial potential and good working results). The whole program started with 360-degree feedback, which was followed by the determination of action steps, individual coaching and a series of training sessions.. The entire program, which lasted one year, was once again completed by means of 360-degree feedback. We managed to increase motivation for professional improvement, education and development, and the results of the 360-degree feedback also improved slightly.

  • Project description

    Changes are an integral part of both private and professional life. It was necessary to get the entire management population at Česká spořitelna ready for the planned changes v oblasti. We follow the principle that changes should be introduced gradually, in an evolutionary rather than revolutionary manner. The underlying reason is that revolutionary changes are very often preceded by a period of stagnation and the subsequent revolutionary change comes in the form of a drastic shock, which is absorbed and accepted only with difficulties. Changes should therefore occur gradually because we can better adapt to them. The whole concept was designed in this spirit. In the first step, managers at the B-1 and B-2 levels were trained in the areas of an evolutionary approach to changes (how to facilitate changes and be willing to undergo changes), the obtaining of self-knowledge through the 4Elements typology, and also 4Elements personality typology, in the situational leadership style and essential areas of customer orientation. Subsequently, a very detailed long-term programme consisting of 3 modules (Leadership and Motivation of People, Managing People Through Change, Customer Orientation) was created. This programme was designed for the B-3 and B-4 management levels. Due to the higher number of managers in this position, we chose the Train the Trainers method to provide internal lecturers with the know-how to conduct such trainings. Throughout the program, we trained almost the entire population of managers from the B-1 to B-4 levels. This resulted in improvement of the NPS.


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